Friday, August 13, 2010

"Knock three times on the ceiling..."

Sometimes I get songs stuck in my head.
When that happens, I usually listen to them - satisfy the craving - and then
it's not stuck in my head anymore.
But other times, I listen to it to satisfy the craving, and then I still
have it stuck in my head.  And I want to keep listening to it.
I try not to do that at work, since other people can
hear what I'm listening to.
But sometimes I can't help it! And then I wonder if my boss ever hates
my music or thinks I'm crazy for listening to the same song 
a couple times in a row.

I love this song:


Carrie Ann said...

i LOVE this song!!!!

The Bailey Family said...

Awesome. I have never heard this and it just made my day.

Mom said...

ME TOO!! Welcome home Carrie!

Alison said...

Yeah, this is definitely one of my favorites :D

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