Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hooray!  Thanks to all who commented and/or emailed.  And now for the background story:

So this week, I was at work.  I guess some of the warehouse workers had made slingshots and paper airplanes or something (I think it sounds fun), but my boss (the main boss at work) didn't like it because he didn't want someone to get hurt.  He told them not to have stuff flying around in the warehouse and then came in and told their boss that he told them that.  I said, "Brent, you should've just said, 'No tomfoolery in the warehouse!' They would've thought that was awesome!"  And then I laughed for a while.  Marva also laughed.  Brent and Duane had no idea what I was talking about.  They'd never even heard the word tomfoolery!


I explained the meaning and then made a comment about how I thought everyone knew what that meant.  What can I say?  My family uses that word.  Brent didn't believe everyone knew what it meant, so he called everyone who works at my work into the office to conduct a survey, similar to the one I conducted with you guys this week.  There was only one other person who had ever heard the word.  


Well, one other guy wasn't at work at the time, so when he came back, we asked him.  He'd heard of it but didn't know what it meant.  This was getting a little ridiculous.  Then yesterday, we hired a new secretary.  She also had never heard the word.  

Now, I'm not saying these people aren't as smart as we are..... I'm just saying, Congratulations to all who know what tomfoolery is.  You must be smart and awesome.


Mom said...

I have to just say that I know what tomfoolery is, but I could not write in because I was not at a computer for a week. I was in Provo with you participating in some tomfoolery! Well, not really, but that would work for my sentence!

I think you should do this survey thing again. Think of an interesting word and see how many other people at work and on your blog know it! You could start with the word that you and Carrie say and always wiggle your toes when you say it!

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