Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vamos a hablar hoy de la casa de la maestra...

Today was my first time teaching a not-my-teaching-methods-class class.  It was a Spanish 101 class here on campus.  I was so so so so nervous!  Luckily, I wore a long-sleeved shirt and when I got in the room it was boiling hot..... :) You might be thinking, "What a random picture to use for this post," but you'd be wrong.  The lesson I taught today lasted about 15 minutes and was on furniture/"around the house"-type vocabulary.  I used that picture to help teach the word las sillas (chairs). 

Overall, I think it went pretty well.  I kept not being able to decide if I wanted to use or Ud. and for some reason randomly kept mixing up the difference between saber and conocer, but other than those things it seemed okay.

I wish I knew everyone's names so I could call on individuals more easily.

It was surprisingly easy to teach the lesson in Spanish the whole time, but from some of the blank looks I got and some of the "suggestions" that weren't really suggestions they gave me at the end that I maybe could've clarified a few things in English.  Not a lot - they seemed to get things pretty well - but a couple of things. 

I passed out notecards and asked that they write down any suggestions they had for me and didn't get many, so they either didn't understand what I asked or were so blown-away by my sweet teaching skills that they saw no room for improvement ;) 

I think it was a fun idea to use pictures of my own house to teach the words.  It's fun to see a little bit into the non-school life of a teacher :)

I will be teaching the same class again on Friday but don't know yet what my topic will be, but I'll let you know how it goes!


Beth said...

Scary!! I bet you'll be a great teacher though... just act everything out lots and then they'll understand you. :) Good luck with your next one!

Mom said...

I'm wondering if you could take some of those sticky square name tags and have them write their names on them so you can call them by name? They don't cost much. Or you could use index cards and a safety or stick pin and collect them at the end of class to be used the next time.

Carrie Ann said...

ALISON! You're going to be such an awesome Spanish teacher. I wish you had been my Spanish teacher instead of Senora Smith. I would have much rather that been the case. Because you're really cool.

Alison said...

Mom - that would be kind of nice, except that I only have ten minutes per day, so that would probably take up a lot of the time. I might do that, though.
Carrie & Beth - Thanks!! :)
Carrie - Oh, Señora Smith. She so crazy. I would've been your Spanish teacher, except I didn't know how yet. By the way. I have seen Star Wars.

Katrina said...

Don't worry it's Spanish 101 they don't know the difference between tu and Ud yet anyway. My Spaniard teachers would use Vos and the rest would use tu...except for one teacher, she was a RM who served in Spain and spoke to us in all three. Haha You'll do great. Get them to make name cards they place on their desks. Likely they already have some.

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