Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Naming Ceremony

(reference to The Giver, by the way)

Well, we've all known this day would come - the day when I finally change my blog's title from my online name at school (since this blog was started as an assignment) to something cooler.  I've been thinking about this for weeks, people, and I'm coming up blank!

- have something to do with me and/or my family
- not be lame

Possible nickname to throw into the mix:
- She

Possible "catchphrases" to throw into the mix:
- "I'm sure I don't know."
- "I hate to break it to you, but ____(compliments myself)_____."
- "Whaaaaaaat."

Thoughts based on friends' blogs' titles:
- J and my names don't start with the same letter, so there goes a "squared" title.
- This is not a crafty blog, so it can't contain "made" or "sew(s)," etc.
- Also not a teaching blog, so although that's what I do, I don't want the title to reflect that.

Favorite quotes:

- something based on the URL? No - requirement 2 (to be referenced from now on as R2).
- My favorite color is orange.
- This blog has no specific topic - optimism, spiritual stuff, teaching, babies, husband, the Beatles, movie reviews, recipes... It's mostly about what I do and whatever I'm thinking about.
- I do not live in a big city.
- I love fairytales.
- "Family name: Established ___."  R2.  Some people can do it; not me.
- I speak Spanish.

Moral of the story:
The title of this blog will probably change all the time now, until I finally find something that works. Wish me luck!


Alysha and Jason said...

I think you should go with "Los Hijos De Juan". (You know, the Johnsons.) :)

Mom said...

I'm not sure about a blog name, but I DO think you should change your profile picture to the one of you showing off your Mohawk! LOVE!

Mom said...

Hey, since your blog is not about any specific topic, but about whatever you are thinking about, how about naming it, "These are a few of "she" favorite things!!??....oh wait....that doesn't sound right.

Stefan said...

So, what's wrong with "what she said"? I think it's nice. To the point. Better than "Stefan's Dopey Blog", that's for sure. One thing I know. I wish I had as many followers as you do. 49? What do I have? Eight, I think. And from what I know, no one ever reads mine anyway. Oh, well. I write for me, not really anyone else. Good luck with your title search, Al. I know it will be more creative than I could ever be. Love you!

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