Saturday, January 12, 2013

not with an iron

Why, yes, we did go curling last night! 
And it was sooooooooo fun.

We paid $20 (total, for a 2-hour class and equipment for both us) and boogied on over to this rink where we learned how to curl, practiced, and then played a game.  It was so fun!  We're definitely going back.  

They give you that white handle for balancing when you go into the lunge.

You drag your leg/toes behind you, pigeon-toedly. Hey! I'm good at that!

Joel, gearing up for the launch.

He did a really good job!


SWEEP!  Hurry hard!

And, for your viewing pleasure... 
(Watch the first minute if you don't have time for the full 22:22.)


Stefan said...

I've always thought that curling would be fun to do. National sport of Canada, you know. I'm glad you got a chance to go and do it.

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