Monday, February 18, 2013

jobs (other than my own) that I would love: part 1

There are a few jobs in this world that I would love to have.  Not only would be they provide a great amount of joy to me, but I also just think I would rock at them.  I considered posting all of them right now, but then I realized I have a lot to say about some of these, so, without further ado, here is "Jobs (other than my own) that I would love: Part 1." 

Let's be honest, I already love this job.  Every time I go grocery shopping by myself, I'm excited to return the buggy, and every time I go with Joel, I volunteer to return the buggy to the cart corral.  I would LOVE to be the buggy gatherer at a grocery store.  Love.  Why?  First of all, scenes like this...

...make the OCD "I enjoy organizing" part of my brain start filling up with endorphins.  Seriously.  I get excited just looking at this picture.  I want to clean it!!  Secondly...

...look how happy they look!  I'm kind of kidding - most shopping cart picker uppers do not look that happy, and every time I've talked to someone about this dream job, they tell me I would hate it soon after starting.  I have to say, though, I'm really good at doing repetitive organization tasks and still liking them at the end.  I feel like I would look like those people if I were doing that job, especially if I were allowed to, 1) talk to people and/or, 2) listen to music.  Also, I could go around taking people's buggies for them when they finished unloading!  Fun.  And thirdly...

...there would probably be an unlimited amount of opportunities to do that.  So there you have it!  One job I would love to have (and be great at) is that of Grocery Bugger Gatherer.



"'I have often,' said Smee, 'noticed your strange dread of crocodiles.'
'Not of crocodiles,' Hook corrected him, 'but of that one crocodile.'  He lowered his voice.  'It liked my arm so much, Smee, that it has followed me ever since, from sea to sea and from land to land, licking its lips for the rest of me.'
'In a way,' said Smee, 'it's a sort of compliment.'" 
- J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Natalie and Nathan said...

You are probably the only person in the world who would want this job... To each their own : )

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