Friday, February 22, 2013

jobs (other than my own) that I would love: part 3

You don't have to watch all of that, but you'll be in for some great entertainment (and a couple of fun surprises) if you do.  I, for one, am highly impressed with her ability to pull out so many different dance moves in just five minutes, even if she does make extensive use of the model walk.  

Oh, and I sang that song in my fifth grade musical.

But back to the point - I would be such a good store mascot.  I've always thought it would be soooo fun (except in the boiling heat) - AS LONG AS I had a head.  If there were no head to go with the costume, I would probably be just like most store mascots, but if there were a head and I was allowed to listen to music (whether on a loudspeaker or an iPod), I would be great and it would be super fun.  Everyone driving / walking by would totally come into my store / buy a mattress / pizza / insurance / fried chicken from me.  Whaaaaat!

(I was going to insert a video from "The Middle" where you find out that, when Sue is the mascot, everyone loves her, but I couldn't find it.  You'll just have to imagine. :)

So, that's pretty much it.  I would enjoy being a grocery buggy collecter, a tutor, and a store mascot.  As for jobs that I don't have enough to say about for them to get their own post, there's just one.  It's "teach you how to go grocery shopping"er.  I'm good at going shopping and living on a low grocery budget, I think.  I wouldn't teach a class, necessarily, but I think I could do a pretty good job going into someone's home, looking at what they like to eat, helping them learn to look through an ad, and then going shopping.  That kind of thing.

Oh, and high school choir accompanist.


"Which of these adventures shall we choose [to describe]?  The best way will be to toss for it.
I have tossed, and the lagoon has won.  This almost makes one wish that the gulch or the cake or Tink's leaf had won.  Of course I could do it again, and make it best out of three; however, perhaps fairest to stick to the lagoon."  - J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Kathleen said...

That girl rocks!

Mom said...

Called it!

Mom said...

And I DID watch the whole thing! She was AWESOME!!! That video made ME want to be a store mascot with a head!!

Hey, Al, let me know if you want me to find the video of you singing that song in your 5th grade musical! I'm sure your readers would enjoy watching that!

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