Saturday, August 24, 2013

alisonism #16: You don't have to take MY word for it...

I love to read!

When I was younger and had "first" things more often (days of school, camp, work; conversations with people at stake dances, etc.), I was always asked what I liked to do.  I was always a little embarrassed to say I liked to read, partly because there are two stereotypes for girls who like to read, and one of those is cool and one is not.  Heaven forbid I be classified by the uncool one!  :)  But I have spent the last two summers remembering just how much I love reading, and that is a lot.   This summer I read 22 books, amounting to 6072 pages, and it was incredible.

I lose track of real life when I read.  Tonight I started reading and didn't realize how long it'd been until I finished my book after midnight.  Last week I was reading at my in-laws' house and had no idea people'd been talking to me for several minutes until they were laughing because I hadn't heard them.

I connect with characters and stories so fully that I have a hard time not finishing a good book in one sitting.  How is everything going to resolve?  Will they be happy?  Will my emotional investment have been worth it?

Then, when I finish a good book, it takes a while for me to get back to real life.  Like, sometimes half an hour to an hour, which seems pretty long to me now that I think about it.  But when you're that invested in something, it's hard to just put it aside for something like eating dinner or going to sleep!

Anyway.  Here's a list of the books I read this summer (between May and August) and which I'd recommend.  Try out a couple!

(sorted by when I read them) (Beware: Several of these are first books of series.  I refer to this summer as The Summer of Sequels because of how many series I unknowingly started.  You might look into whether you have access to the rest of a series before starting the first book of one, just in case your library is also tiny and charges $3 per interlibrary loan.)

The Two Sisters of BamarreGail Carson Lavine239yes
CinderMarissa Meyer387YES
Leverage PointGerald N. Lund288It's a little tough to stay engaged in, but it was pretty good.
The Body ElectricAllie Duzett239YES!
StorkWendy Delsol357YES! There were a couple parts when I was afraid it would get inappropriate, but it didn't. At the beginning you know something inappropriate happened, but it doesn't say exactly.
The Cupcake QueenHeather Hepler242yes
TankbornKaren Sandler370yes
The Haunted House KidMatthew Gary MilamNOOOOO! I couldn't even read a full page. Grammar - bad. Layout - bad. Design - bad. Writing - horrible. Doesn't flow at all. Couldn't get past the horrible writing to get to the story. And I have a high tolerance for bad writing.
Prayers for SaleSandra Dallas352maybe - it depends on who was asking. It's set in Civil War times and has a lot of sadness in it. It also only kind of has a plot. Pretty good, though.
The Goose GirlShannon Hale383yes. very good.
The SelectionKiera Cass327yes!
FoundMargaret Peterson Haddix314yes.
Double IdentityMargaret Peterson Haddix218yes. interesting twist!
SentMargaret Peterson Haddix313yes.
Life As We Knew ItSusan Beth Pfeffer338probably. It's sad - the world ends and things never really turn up. decent ending. realistic situations. - good writing.
GlimpseStacey Wallace Benefiel261no. fascinating premise, but there's too much inappropriate at the beginning.
Every You, Every MeDavid Levithan248depends on the person. pretty dark - as in, you don't know if he's schizophrenic or something, dark. draws you in, though.
Don't Die, DragonflyLinda Joy Singleton269yes
The Only Alien on the PlanetKristen D. Randle228Wow. Holy crap. That was a good book.
The LeapJonathan Stroud233no. boring
First ImpressionsMarilyn Sachs112how a girl came to appreciate the book Pride & Prejudice - meh. It's fine.
Breaking BeautifulJennifer Shaw Wolf354yes, to a more mature audience. about the mental after-effects of physical (not sexual) abuse by a boyfriend.


"If we don't tell strange stories, when something strange happens we won't believe it."  - Shannon Hale, The Goose Girl


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Which one were you reading while we were there? The Leap?

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WONDERFUL!! I have been looking for some new books to read! You Rock! Also, this:

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