Friday, August 30, 2013

cute things my kids [students] say

I keep a Google Doc of funny things my school students and my Primary students say.  Today I felt like sharing a couple of them.  The following gems are from four four-year-olds at church.  We'll call them A, B, C, and D.  

me: Have any of you seen an angel before?
A: I have!
[At this point I'm really curious as to what she's talking about and decide to get details, since she's offering them.]
me: When have you seen an angel?
A: Once when I was sleeping, I saw the tooth fairy.

B, while giving a talk in Primary: John the Baptist descended in a clown. [giggles]

C: Heavenly Father doesn't want us to be chubby.

me: What would you say if you saw Jesus or if He came to your house?
D: Thank you.
me, touched at her spiritual and mature answer: What would you thank Him for?
D: Like, Thank you for getting me some cereal.


"Love that has been tested is far more awe-inspiring than love that has never known anything but bliss.  Don't look for a partner with whom you have no problems, but one you are good at overcoming problems with.  Just remember: the story of the old elm tree is no fairy tale.  It has a scar, and it is real."  - Po Bronson, Why Do I Love These People?


Kathleen said...

I laughed out loud. Man, I love Primary!

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