Monday, August 26, 2013

Anybody's Guess

Joel and I have a pretty sweet collection of games, many of which our friends have never heard of.  A couple months ago I added a new one to the game closet: Anybody's Guess.  Thank you, garage sales!  It was only a dollar!  It's a "here's a clue, guess the word" game from 1990, so many of the words are a little outdated and obscure now.  They make for a pretty entertaining game. :)

Here's how you play:
Form two teams.  Team 1 looks at a card full of clues and predicts how many clues Team 2 will need to guess the mystery word.  Team 2 gets 30 seconds per card, one clue at a time, and can make one guess per clue.  Each clue is worth a certain amount of points.  When Team 2 guesses the word correctly, they get the number of points as the clue that prompted the guess was worth.  If Team 1 predicted correctly, they get the same amount of points.  Points = moving forward on the board.  Whoever gets to the end first wins!

Results: Joel really doesn't like this game.  I love it.  You should try it.  Here are three sample cards, drawn randomly from the box, easiest first... Remember - only one clue at a time!


The young live in mother's pouch.

The name means "it does not drink."

Sleeps during the day

An Australian native that eats only eucalyptus leaves


Okay, that was fun.  Now a harder one.


Digs deep

His favorite way to cook a steak: well dun 
["dun" intentionally misspelled - this game is very punny]

Makes collect calls all day

He needs money, honey


Well, folks, it's been fun, but here's your last (and hardest) card.


A 1967 lyrical mystery

A song of the South

Bobbie Gentry's #1 hit

Saga of the Tallahatchee Bridge



"Now it was time to be tested, to make decisions and find her own roads, 
to stop falling where she was told to fall and to stand only when allowed to stand."
The Goose Girl
Shannon Hale


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