Monday, July 7, 2014


Remember how I said my grandparents were models?

I also had an uncle who wished he were.  :)

on the right.  Check out that pose!  Work those hips!
I like to call this pose "Smooooth Stefan."
Okay, okay, I guess he was pretty cute.

And this picture of him does look like it should be in a magazine.

Let's just say, I come from a family of good-lookin' folks.

 I guess my good looks had to come from somewhere!

(not pictured: my dad's family, from which I also inherited half of my good looks.
We just didn't happen to be cleaning out boxes of his old things this summer.)

(Sorry, Stef, I couldn't resist! :)
If any other uncles or aunts would also like to be teased with old pictures of themselves,
feel free to comment!)


"Ah," said Fudge, who looked thoroughly disconcerted.  "Dumbledore.  Yes.  You - er - got our - er - message that the time and - er - place of the hearing had been changed, then?"
"I must have missed it," said Dumbledore cheerfully.  "However, due to a lucky mistake I arrived at the Ministry three hours early, so no harm done."
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Stefan said...

Look at the hair on that guy, will ya? Every single picture includes a Stefan with hair. I wonder what happened! But you gotta admit, hair or not, that is one good lookin' dude (even with the gigantic bowtie!)!

By the way, the one you talk about belonging in a magazine was actually the picture that was used for my column in the Radford newspaper.

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