Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1 reason I won't take my daughter to see (insert movie title here)

1. She doesn't really like watching movies.

Have you ever noticed that those posts come out every time a movie rated PG or lower is released?  Dear World, Some people love Disney movies and other people have issues with them.  I'm sure your daughters will turn out great, seeing how all those posts are evidence of how much you love them.  Love each other, too. :) Love, She


“The moral of this story is, firstly, that no one, however great he may be, should permit himself to jest at any one beneath him, even if he be only a hedgehog.  And, secondly, it teaches… whosoever is a hedgehog let him see to it that his wife is a hedgehog also, and so forth.”
“The Hare and the Hedgehog”


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!
I feel like moms can be very critical of other moms that make different choices. As long as you love your children, and are doing your best to nurture them, and teach them good principles, that's all that really matters. :)

(I've stopped reading comment sections for this reason... I lose faith in people's ability to be kind)

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