Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa,

Please push play on this video and scroll down while listening to see pictures of what I want for Christmas. 

a really cute pygmy hippo

another really cute pygmy hippo - the size of a puppy!

"Most sincerely yours - especially on this holiday season - 
Your Pal, who's been very, very, very, very, very good all this whole year long, 
Alison 'I'm not kidding about how good I've been' MJ

P.S.  I really have been good.  Please believe me, Santa, please!  Please and thank you.  I've practically been an angel." 

P.P.S. Name that movie! and Merry Christmas!


Jessica said...

Oh thanks for sharing! My kids loved that song :) Good luck getting your hippo :)

I don't know the movie line... but Dallas might know it...

Brooklyn said...

Psh. It's OBVIOUSLY Pee-Wee's Christmas Special.

Alison said...

Good job, Brooke :) Jessica - My bet is that Dallas won't know it. You should try, though, just in case :D

Jessica said...

You were right... he didn't know it. He is pretty good with movie lines though :)

Rachel-the cool kid said...

PEE-WEE!!!!! I love that movie!

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