Monday, December 27, 2010

thoughts on HP5: written while listening to the book

"Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know." - Moody
I would want Dumbledore for my lawyer.
Moody has a spare invisibility cloak?
I love that the punishment Fred and George are 
most afraid of is that Hermione will tell 
Mrs. Weasley :)
I love that Professor Grubblyplank smokes a pipe.
Why would Malfoy think his Quidditch team 
being reinstated would have anything to do 
with influence at the ministry?
I've never thought potions sounded 
that hard. Just like trying a new recipe.
"Harry allowed him 30 seconds of reminiscence 
before clearing his throat." (referring to Hagrid 
talking about Mdme Maxim)
I find it hard to believe that they snap your 
wand when you get expelled from Hogwarts but 
not when you're sent to Azkaban. (as in, how 
does Bellatrix still have her wand?)
"Oh, stop feeling all misunderstood."
- Hermione to Harry
Harry is such an idiot. (when he looks into 
Snape's pensieve)
"The girl sitting behind [Sirius] was eyeing 
him hopefully, though he didn't seem to have
noticed." Of course he didn't notice - she was 
sitting behind him.
Harry, don't break into Umbridge's office! 
Just use the mirror!  I don't understand how he 
could've forgotten about that. I would've 
used that thing like, everyday. 
It's so sad when Harry thinks he'll be able 
to talk to Sirius again in the mirror :(
Luna makes me so happy :)


Carrie Ann said...

1. i would also like dumbledore to be my lawyer. seriously. you couldn't lose. he's like a jedi (that's a star wars reference, in case you didn't know that).
2. where DID moody get a second cloak. everybody's so impressed by Harry's, it's weird that moody would have extra.
3. i would think that filch threatening to hang them upside down by their toenails would be scarier than mrs. weasley, but i guess to each his own.
4. THANK YOU HERMIONE. I wanted to punch Harry throught the whole book. captain angst.
5. i never thought about the girl sitting BEHIND sirius. i just felt sorry for her, i probably would have had a crush on harry, too.
6. i love luna.

Carrie Ann said...

and by "crush on Harry," I mean crush on Sirius.

Alison said...

I know. :)

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