Thursday, December 16, 2010

what I look like when it's cold outside

I was at school when I took this picture, so I was trying to look natural... so this is what I look like when I stare at a computer screen :) And wearing the best hat EVER.  I always feel really cool when I wear it to school.  Also, it is so comfortable and warm. So comfortable and warm, in fact, that sometimes it makes me take a nap.  Probably the best $1 I have ever spent.


Mom said...

I thought it was MY dollar that paid for that hat??? I think I bought them all over at that Walmart in Bixby. They were in that big bin in the front by the cash registers. I have been impressed with myself ever since I first heard how much you loved it! Have I been wrong all these years?

By the way, I like the way your mitten/gloves match your coat! You are as beautiful as I remember!

Alison said...

You did buy it, but you made me pay you back for it :)

Tiana said...

Haha this picture totally made me laugh! I love that you were trying to look natural like you were staring at a computer screen. That's so great. That hat looks super warm. I have one kind of like it too, except it cost me way more than a dollar. What a steal.

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