Saturday, December 11, 2010


As you know, I read quite a few crafting/sewing blogs.  Since it's the Christmas season, there have been a lot of posts lately about fun homemade presents to give, homemade Christmas tree ornaments, and fun ways to wrap presents.  In the past two days, I have seen several ways to decorate your house (wrapping presents, making wreaths...) using pages from old books.

That makes me want to cry.

I can hardly imagine tearing pages even out of some of my textbooks, let alone old and pretty books, to do something as worthless as wrap a present with them.

About me: Books are special and not to have their pages torn out, especially on purpose.


Jessica said...

Maybe I shouldn't show this to you then... but I kinda like it... but I too would have a hard time tearing out pages from a book...

Beth said...

I agree. The old ones especially!

Bethany said...

'tears' or 'tears'?

Alison said...

ha! awesome, bethany! I didn't even think of that. I am so clever... :)
Jessica - I think it's so pretty, too! It just makes me sad to think of making it. But once it had been done it'd be so pretty :)

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