Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday: Our first Noche de hogar

This morning on the way to school, our bus arrived just a minute too late for us to catch the second bus - as we were getting off the first one, we saw the second one pull up to our stop across the parking lot and leave.  It was okay, though, because we usually run about 15 minutes early.  The buses come every 15 minutes, so we waited 15 minutes for the next Cholul bus... and then it left us behind!  Carmita said it was probably because it was too full :)  So we waited for another 15 minutes for the next one.  We ended up being 15 minutes late for class, but it was okay because everyone but two people from our class were with us, including Profe Laraway!  Jajaja :)  (Okay, can I just say - seeing that written with j's makes me LITERALLY laugh out loud almost every time I see it :D)

This morning we only had one class, so we were done at 9:00!  Fun fun fun.  We were really tired from it starting at 7, though, so we decided to come home and rest.  And I hardly was drowsy/slept at all in class today! I was so proud of myself - we must be being responsible about sleep or something!  Yesterday after making cookies, I got a message on Facebook saying that my sister and brother-in-law and loved them and taken them all, so we were kind of sad, but when we got home from school, we found out they had saved some for us in the refri!  (I love that that's what they call the fridge here :)  So when we got home we had a cookie.  Delicious.

I took a siesta for way longer than I meant to, which was awesome :) and then ate lunch, which was some kind of hamburger-looking meat with potatoes in it and smashed up zucchini or something.  You eat it in a corn tortilla. The meat and potatoes were great; the zucchini was okay.  After lunch, we relaxed in the pool and sat out for a minute to dry off, and then came inside to make cookies!  We bought the stuff to make chocolate chip cookies for FHE tonight and they were a hit! Everyone loved them.

At 7, people came over for FHE.  The next part is called a surprise... Profe, if you read this, you're not allowed to tell!  So for our activity, we decided it would be fun for our director's kids to have a little taste of home (none of them speak much Spanish and, in my opinion, they're super brave for coming here and being so willing to try things!) so for the activity, we colored pictures or wrote little letters for the kids and then prepared a Ziplock bag for each child with a few cookies in it.  (Don't worry, we also made a bag for the grown-ups:)  Then we walked over to their house because we live pretty close and ding-dong-ditched them!  It was super fun!  They have a big gate outside their house and I didn't want to leave them outside the gate in case they didn't get them, but luckily one of their gates was open! Jill and I snuck around the car to leave them on the doorstep so they would see them more easily.  I hope they like them!  It was a really fun activity.  I like our group.

After people left, I got to skype with Joel, which was fun!  He's doing well :) He looked so handsome!  Then I took a shower, made sure we didn't have any homework, and now I'm off to bed so I can stay up during class tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


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