Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm writing this a few days late and as a result, I literally have no idea what we did on Thursday for the most part.  I do, however, remember what we did Thursday night, so I'll just fill you in on that :)

On Thursday we decided to take a siesta and then go to Institute because we were super-tired and didn't have enough time to go to the temple before institute.  Jill came down with something and has been feeling super sick today, so right after school we went to the pharmacy so she could buy some medicine.  I feel bad because from what she's been saying, it sounds like she has what I had when we came... yuck.  Anyway, so when we got home, we took naps.  Later we went to the Institute class that starts at 6:00.  It's been kind of funny - I always just love going to church here!

Institute was good; it was the last class of the section so it was about the end of Moroni.  It was really good, but - I kind of felt bad - it went over, I think, and at the time it was supposed to end, my brain totally shut off and it was hard for me to sit still and pay attention!  Before that it was good, though :)  Cool - there were two visitors who aren't members of the church! And at the beginning of class, our teacher asked if someone would explain to them what the Book of Mormon was, and I got to tell them! I was kind of nervous because I don't know all of the church vocabulary super well, but it was still really cool :)  I love the members of the church here.  I noticed tonight at institute and I've noticed before at church - the people here are all so welcoming to visitors and non-members.  I wonder if it's because they're all recent converts and so they still remember how helpful (or hurtful) members of the church can be.  The two girls who came tonight came with friends who (I'm assuming) invited them.

In Institute, we talked about the difference between faith and hope, and it was really interesting.  People have always told me that faith needs to be centered on Jesus Christ, and I thought I always knew what they meant, but the way this teacher taught it showed me that I never really knew what it meant because now I do.  :)  He used the example of going to visit someone (maybe home/visiting teaching or something).  He said, When you call them to set up the appointment, what part of the situation is faith?  People said things like "that they'll let you come," "that they'll like your message," etc, but he said no, the faith part is centered on what Christ will do.  He told us that what we would have faith in in that situation is that Christ would make their hearts soft to allow us to come over.  We have hope that they'll like the message, but we have faith that Christ will help them understand, etc.  It was a really interesting discussion. We also talked about being charitable and Christ-like.  It was a really good lesson.

After Institute, Jill was feeling sick and said she was going to go home and I wanted to go to the Serenatas again, so Jessica Simpson, Mari Roney (I think), Brittany Ralph and I went and met Nate and Lars at the park to watch.  It was so awesome!  Instead of there being a singer this time, there was a band called Los Juglares that played and sang.  I have never seen anyone play the guitar like that before! There was one man that was crazy, he was so good!  It was unbelievable.  Also, it was pretty cool because there were a lot of important dignitaries at the show.  The Cuban ambassador, an ex-President of the PRI political party, and a bunch of others.  It was neat :) Everyone was wanting to take pictures of them and stuff.  After the Serenatas, we went and waited (for a long time!) for the buses to come and then Nate and Lars walked me home so I wouldn't have to walk from the bus stop by myself.  We decided we're all going to go to a sweet discoteca here sometime :D  There's one down the street called VIP Club that I really want to go to :)

Well, we didn't get home until 11:30 and now it's later so I'd better be off to bed... Buenas noches! :)


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