Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday: La fiesta y la salsa!

Hi :)  This morning, the bus never came!  Well, after a while it did, but we waited for about 35 minutes, which is weird because they usually come every 15.  The other girls asked if we wanted to keep or waiting or walk to the other bus stop and we decided to wait five more minutes and then walk, and in that five minutes the bus came!  We were late to class, but not as late as yesterday when the second bus passed us by!  We were only about five minutes late.

After class, we stopped by the Plaza Fiesta to get a snack b/c we were both super hungry.  Jill got a couple things from the panadería and I went to this place called Crepas to get a strawberry crepe... which turned out to be really funny :) The sign had a picture of this delicious-looking crepe with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and stuff, but when the guy made it (I got to watch him make it, which was pretty cool - I wish I'd had a camera to show Joel - he totally would've been jealous of the guy's crepe maker!) he folded it in half and stuff all pretty for me... and then got out a little container and slathered it with strawberry jam :)  Result: Still tasty, but not near as tasty as it could've been.  Next time maybe I'll get Nutella inside or get something from somewhere else :)

Homeward bound... When we got home I took a siesta.  It's weird - when I take them, I'm totally out for HOURS.  I had to be woken up I honestly can't remember right now what we had for lunch, but I remember it being good!  Oh yeah - super-tasty Mexican rice and stuffed peppers!  I don't know what kind of peppers they were, but they were biggish and green and a million times better than bell peppers.  Yum!  

A little while after lunch, Jill and I decided to go to El Centro and made a goal that we both would return with a purse :)  We both wanted to buy one and hadn't been able to find the right one.  Jill was successful and I was not... but guess what I did get!  Something awesome! It's a surprise present, so no details or pictures but I will tell you this - I originally was quoted $250 and only ended up paying $150!  It was awesome :)

After shopping we went to Colón (the best ice cream place around!) to get some Guanábana sorbet... delicious.  Then we came home and got ready for a fiesta that the local YSA people put together for us!  Isn't that so nice!  When we got there, we played a water balloon game, had a water balloon fight, watched the talented people play soccer :), had another water balloon fight, Nate and Jessica and I went to a little store across the street to buy a drink (that's one of the sad things about Mexico - no drinking fountains!) and then we all came home.  Oh!  And there was a girl there who apparently teaches salsa classes and she taught us a little bit how to salsa!  And we found out that there's a free salsa class EVERYDAY in one of the parks nearby!  We're totally going to go :D  I can't wait!  She taught us a little how to start dancing and then they paired us off.  I got paired with a boy named David and he was super nice and a good dancer!  It was hard for me to pick it up - I have a good sense of rhythm, but I kept hearing the cha-cha rhythm and couldn't pick up the salsa rhythm.  Also, because it was hard for me to hear, I couldn't ever tell if I was always off or if he wasn't that good at keeping rhythm :)  It was fun just the same, though!  I laughed so much all night - it's been a long time since I've danced so much, and I love dancing!   

I was telling Jen - before getting married, I lived for dances!  And as soon as we got there, I would be out in the middle of the floor being crazy, even if I was by myself or just with Carrie.  Jill did that when the music turned on tonight and, because I just haven't had much "practice" (there are way not enough dances for married people) in the last year and a half, I wasn't confident enough to go for it myself.  I was kind of sad because as far as being crazy goes, it pretty much either has to be one person or a group - not two people, unless they're dancing together like me and Carrie and one of them isn't up dancing to flirt with boys - so I partly didn't dance because I didn't want everyone to think I was just copying her.  Anyway, later on when we started all dancing together and I got the hang of it again :) I didn't mind being one of the only ones dancing and loving every second of it.  It was so awesome!  I have missed it!  Carrie would've been so fun to be there; she would've loved it!  Pues, in reality, she would be so fun to have here all the time, but what can you do, right? :) Ahhh!  TONIGHT WAS SO FUN!

Oh, hahaa, and at the end, a few of us got a ride home from a boy named Tony.  It was funny because he's been friends with the other intercambio students and knew where everyone lived because of it :) At the beginning it was crazy because we couldn't figure out how he knew where we all lived :)  And after showering, I got to chat with Joel for a few minutes!  We're hopefully going to video chat tonight. I miss him! but not too much - I'm not allowed :)  Also, there are have been some things, like tonight, where it has been so fun to feel single again!  Not that I don't love being married, but there just aren't as many opportunities to be crazy and spontaneous and stuff.  That was one thing that was a little more difficult for me when we got married, but I'm kind of "getting my fill" here and it's been really fun :)  Anyway, class tomorrow at 7 and it's after midnight... Goodnight!


Mom said...

I see you fixed it. Was it in time?

Mike said...

I totally know what you mean about the siesta thing... in Jerusalem for some reason I could take naps for hours, and then get up and finish the day and still sleep like a baby at night. I guess that's what happens when you're so busy.

Alison said...

Yeah, it's pretty nice. I love the siesta :D

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