Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday: Photo scavenger hunt!

our church - crazy, huh!
Got up at 4:00 to finish my paper, but finish it I did AND I stayed awake during class today! :)

Our presentation went really well! Nate did an awesome job with the video and I was really happy about how I did talking during the presentation.  I felt like the information I had prepared was relevant and went really well with the rest of the presentation. We don't know our grade, but our professor said afterwards that he liked it!

Oh yeah, I forgot - it was funny, Carmita overslept today and didn't get anything ready for breakfast so we came home to a delicious chicken + vegetable soup lunch! She was so apologetic and said, "Since I didn't do anything for breakfast, I decided to do something really good for lunch!"  It was funny that she was so apologetic, actually :) but she was right - lunch was delicious!  We joked with her and said that she could skip breakfast everyday if we could have that delicious of food for lunch everyday :)

After lunch I worked in my journal for a while and then while Jill went running, I sat in the pool for a while, which was really nice because there was some sun over the pool.  I love our pool - it always has the perfect temperature of water.  It's so great for after school!  So after I was in for a while, I decided to lay out on my towel on the ground and dry off... but I was attacked by billions of ants so I moved to a chair. :)

Tonight we had a church activity, but Jill and I went a little early so I could practice my piano song for Sunday before it started.  I'm so thankful Joel sent me the music - it's so perfect!  It's exactly what I wanted to play.   The activity tonight was a photo scavenger hunt, planned by Stephen.  People were talking about how popular of an activity it is at BYU, but I honestly can't remember the last time I did one. It was so fun!  Instead of having a list of things we had to do, we had three pages of ideas and each idea was given a certain number of points and you got points for the things you did.  My group was super fun! We had Nate, Bryce, Brittany, Cat, Jessica, Beto (from the ward), and me.  It was hilarious because I guess Mexicans don't really do antics in public like Americans do, I realized, because Beto got the biggest kick out of so many things we did and a few things that seemed normal he was super embarrassed to do.  It was so funny!

Some of the stuff we did: lay down to form a word, pose with a statue, hug a stranger, get an aerobics class from someone in the group, dance the macarena (Beto just about died doing this!), propose to someone, pose with someone famous (a video store that had tons of posters in the window!), everyone buy the same drink and take a picture drinking it, buy a cookie using all $1 peso coins, chase another group, play Duck, Duck, Goose!, in a parking lot.  It was so fun!  We totally won :)  We actually never compared points, but if we had, we totally would've won!

When we got back to the church we got surprise-attacked by water balloons! After a little water balloon fiesta, we kind of just stood around awkwardly until we decided to go home :) Some people played different things, like volleyball.  I thought about playing basketball but I wasn't wearing good shoes for it - they were all slippery from the water fight.  So after a little bit, Jen, Michelle, and Cat walked me home because they live fairly close.  

When I got back, I took a shower and got to have a skype date with Joel!  It was really fun :)  I love that man!

Oh yeah. And my camera broke tonight :(  It worked before church - Jill and I took pictures of the outside of the chapel because it looks so different - but when it was time to use it during the activity, it started doing weird things. I'm not sure what happened to it. I think I just kept it with me until it was time to use it. The only thing I can think of is that, when I turned it on to take a picture, I spun the dial around a few notches to get it to nighttime, but faster than I usually do, and that's when it started freaking out. I hope I didn't break it :P It might be moisture or humidity or something, I guess. We'll see what happens.


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