Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday: Papers papers.

School was hard today but not impossible to stay awake :) It was a little sad because today was our good teacher's last day... Tomorrow we start with the blind man. I'm going to die.

Adrienne was also super funny after school today. I was telling her about the Copo bus and asked if she wanted to go with us so we could show her how to save a bunch of money, and she said, "Well, if I'm going home on a different bus and there's a chance of me getting lost, I'm going to the bathroom first."  ..... I guess you had to be there. Just know it was awesome :)

I can't remember if I've told you about the Copo bus... so last Sunday we had that pachanguita, remember? And when Emma and Cassyie came, they told us about a bus route that they found out that goes from our house to the school!  They just found out about it because they were trying to figure out how to get to our house and their maid was like, "Oh, you didn't know? There's a stop right by our house that goes just where you want to go!" and it's the same bus they can take to school. So now we only have to take one bus to and from school instead of two! That saves me $1.20 per day!  And it's nice because it always seems to come on time (about 6:30), picks us up closer to our house than the old bus, and just drops off a little further away from the school than the other bus. Plus there are always empty seats!  Usually the other bus is suuuuuper full. Sometimes so full it doesn't even stop because there's no more standing room, and then we're late for school. VIVA COPO! 

When we got home, Jill went to get a drink and I walked into our bedroom, looked out the window, and saw two giant machetes on the back patio table!!!!  So we proceeded to make ninja masks out of black t-shirts and take a million pictures of us with the machetes :D  It was so fun, and when Carmita saw us she got a huge kick out of it :)  It was awesome!  

After playing ninja for a while, I took a nap and it was impossible to wake up!  I kept wanting to be asleep.  I don't know if I've ever been this tired in my life.

Lunch was yummy!  I have the ingredients written down... I'll try and post it when I get the recipe all typed up and everything. It was a bean soup with hamburger-type meat on the side and you eat it like a taco. Yum!  I ate lunch with Ariana because Jill wasn't hungry, and boy, is that girl crazy.  She begged for food but then she wouldn't eat it.  Carmita finally lost her patience with her (Ari is one of the most un-disciplined girls on the planet) and spanked her, which at first made Ari cry and eat her lunch, but then she called Carmita a rude name (I couldn't understand it) and when Carmita god upset with her, she started laughing at her.  Dang. If Ari were my child, I would say, "Oh, you're not hungry? Okay, you don't have to eat, but you won't get any food until the next meal unless it's leftovers from lunch."  She totally needs to be more disciplined. She does not respect Carmita or her mother in the slightest.

After lunch I went to work on my papers.  I took a longer nap than I planned, so i had less time than I planned for my papers, but oh well.  One of them was due today, but all but two people thought it was due so she said we can turn it in tomorrow.  A bunch of people from our group wanted to go to this cultural dance in the Centro tonight for FHE, but because Jill and I both have to finish our papers and therefore don't really have time for that, we decided as a group that we would have a short spiritual thought at our house and then whoever wanted to go to the dance would.  That way people who can go can still go, and the people who can't go don't miss out on FHE.  It worked out pretty well. Jill did the spiritual thought about how being on a study abroad is like being alive (being on a study abroad away from Heavenly Father) and that Heavenly Father will make our weaknesses strengths if we work hard and trust in him.  it was a good lesson. We chit-chatted for a while, and then everyone left, some for the Centro and some for home.  It was nice b/c we got to still participate and have a brief respite but still get some work done afterwards.

Yuck. It's 1:30 in the morning. Every time I work on this paper I either purposely distract myself or fall asleep. This is driving me crazy. I'm going to bed. I'll get up at 4:30 or something to finish. I'm done with one and only need about one more double-spaced page for the other. Not too shabby.

Well, off to bed. Exhausted.


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