Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday: La playa!

Hola! Today we had two classes so we were at school 7:00-11:15.  And my boring class was so much better!  I guess the first guy was a boss or something just introducing the class.  The new guy is good, though.  He spends forever on very simple topics, but it's nice because he walks around the class and it helps keep me awake.  I'm proud to say I stayed awake all the way through both classes today!

After school we went to the office to get some student ID cards because they're supposed to get us a nice discount on some of our excursions.  Some buses will give us half-price if we use them, too, but we haven't figured out which ones yet.  Even if they didn't do anything, it's fun to have an ID card from a Mexican university!  Also, they wouldn't let me wear my glasses.  That seems to be the curse of my life.

After school those of us who were done left and at our stop, Jill and I decided to go to the store.  Our stop is the parking lot of a mall called La Plaza Fiesta and it has a few banks, a grocery store, some clothes stores, a Burger King... (btw - there a million of those here!)  We decided to explore the super (supermarket) and found out they still sell Nesquik cereal here!  They also have a brand called Fud (pronounced "food") that we took a picture of.  They have some really funny-sounding brand names.  I love the words that are part English, part Spanish.  They're my favorites. It was interesting because we walked in with our stuff from school and the security guard right inside the door had us leave our bags at the information desk because we weren't allowed to carry them around.

And we bought Nesquik chocolate milk!  They sell it in juice box things (btw, did you know they make orange Nesquik?) so we each bought one.  Yum! America!  We haven't been here that long but it was still fun to eat something so distinctly American.  When we were drinking them on the bus it felt like a field trip - hold your backpack while drinking a juice box on the bus.  It was super fun :)  When we got home, Carmita had already started lunch for us and it was decently good.  I haven't typed the recipe yet, but I'll put it up when I do.  It was called Frijole y Puerco (Bean and Pork).  She said that it's a 100% Yucatecan recipe and that in many places, they eat it every Monday and then make this other thing that I don't remember using the leftover beans every Tuesday.

After lunch.... we went to the beach! We've been wanting to but hadn't gotten to before now.  It was so so so fun!  We met at Nati and Lars' house because a group was all going up together.  They're nice; we like hanging out with them.  I was so excited to go to the beach! Plus, I love my new swimsuit and I'm glad I bought it.  When we got there, I could not believe how beautiful it was! I felt like I was in a postcard or something!  Wow.  I didn't take my camera, so these pictures are taken from Lars's blog, just so you know.

Can you believe where I live?!  It's beautiful!

The beach was super fun!  Jill and I got straight in because we put on sunscreen at home and it was awesome! The water was the absolute perfect temperature and the sand was all squishy except one time, I think I stepped on something squishy that moved!  Speaking of which, some people down the beach from us a little found and took a picture holding a baby shark!  Crazy.  The only downside (and it's hardly a downside) to the beach was that the waves were pretty wimpy.  It was fun, though!  After a while I decided to get out and lay out and it felt so nice.  I don't think it was early enough to have given me any sun, but it still felt good.  Also, it's cool, they have these white banana chair things around on the beach so if you want to lay out you don't have to take your own!  I used one. :) And, hahahahahahahaha, there was this little 5ish-year-old boy running around totally naked all day.  I kept seeing him everywhere, it was hilarious :D

After a little while, everyone else decided to take a break from swimming, too, and then we walked around and looked at some stores and booths.  I have been wanting to buy one of those traditional dresses that's white with flowers embroidered around the neck, and there were a few but they were more expensive.  We did buy some donut-y things from a little panadería, though!  It was so cute and fun! I asked the lady her favorite kind because I couldn't decide and she was so taken aback that I would ask her :)  Here's the bus (taken from Nate's blog):
I got this thing called a concha.  I'm not sure what it is, but it was okay.  It tasted good but was a little dry.  I tried part of what Jill and Lars got, though, which was some kind of lime cake, and it was really good!  Maybe I'll get that next time :)


After all of that, we went to a little juice shop.  I didn't get anything, but I sampled something called "agua de frutas" - fruit juice.  It was a juice of all different kinds of fruit with chunks of the fruits in it.  The only two I recognized and remember were mango and watermelon.  It was tasty, but not enough to buy.  It would've made a good popsicle, probably, which they also sold there but I wasn't in the mood.  They let you taste a sample, so I just did that.  Yum!  We also walked around some shops and there was this one super-creepy one that we went inside... Outside it there were a bunch of skulls and dried animals and a (fake) shark head eating an arm with blood painted all over... It was pretty creepy, but we went inside anyway.  Oh, that reminds me - there are a lot of stores here that sell elephant statues.  I'm going to have to figure out why so many do.  I wonder if they mean something here?

When it was time to go home, it was a little sad because the beach was so so fun!  On the ride home, though, I made friends with a girl from our group who I didn't know before and she was super nice!  I love our group.  People are really cool.

After the beach we showered and then I ate some fruit for dinner.  Here, in case you don't know, lunch is the big meal and dinner is kind of like lunch at home.  It's pretty small, but you don't usually need more. Later we were in our room doing blogs or something, I can't remember, and our little hermanita Ariana came and told us we had some visitors!  We've never had surprise visits before!  And it turned out to be our girl friends that live close that we told could use our pool!  It was so exciting!  I had already showered so I didn't get in with them (plus, we keep a big umbrella over it to keep the water cool and at night it works a little too well, if you know what I mean) but I went outside and talked with them.  They're really nice.  Adrienne didn't get to come, which was sad, but hopefully she will want to next time.  Anyway, it was so fun!

So we have this little hermanita, Ariana, who's Carmita's granddaughter and also adorable.  She's six and a little shy, but she's finally starting to warm up to us!  It's really fun :)


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