Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday: Los Vampiros

Sorry, I know these posts are a long time coming :)

Wow. This morning, class was so hard.  I was pretty much asleep the entire time! I always feel bad when I do that, but I tried so hard!

After school my sunburn was bothering me so I came home and put on my swim shorts and a t-shirt and sat in the pool while I listened to The Hiding Place on my computer.  I don't know if it helped at all, but it sure felt great while I was in the water!  It was the perfect temperature.

After sitting in the pool for a while, I took a nap :) It was really nice :)  Jill and I were super hungry, and Carmita made this super yummy soup! It had a tomato-based broth and had squash and carrots and stuff in it, plus pork ribs.  The ribs were pretty fatty, which was a little difficult, but overall I liked it!  Because Carmita's father-in-law died on Sunday, she's been gone a lot during the week and we've been eating out a lot.  I was thinking about it yesterday, though, and I've really missed her cooking.  It's simpler and lighter than the food we've been eating, and I was really happy to get to eat her food today :)  Oh yeah - the soup also had lentils in it, which I'd never had before, but I really liked them a lot!  They help fill you up without adding a weird flavor or texture to the soup.  I decided I'll have to cook with the more often cuando yo regrese.

Today there was a group of people going to the zoo, but they left at 1:00 and we didn't eat lunch until close to 1:45, so we didn't go.  We both felt fine with it, though.  We decided we'd rather go to the zoo with Bryce and his group instead.  Hopefully we'll go sometime next week. Guess what - the zoo is free!

After lunch I worked on updating my journal.  I feel like I'm never going to get caught up!  It's fun to think about all the fun things we've done lately, though :)

So I was talking to Barroz on skype and he mentioned a free play going on in the Centro tonight called "Los Vampiros" that I decided it'd be fun to go to :)  Only a small group of us went, but it was actually kind of exciting! We were going to see a French play from 1915 about gangsters called Vampires in a Mexican international cinema!  When we first got there we couldn't find the theater at first because it only had the cross streets and not exactly where the building was, but we finally found it... and it turned out to be completely different than we thought!  It was not, in fact, an awesome play about vampires, but a French silent film from 1915 about gangsters that went by the name Los Vampiros! with classical music in the background.  jajaja, we were the only people in the theater!  :D  We stayed for an hour (each episode was an hour long, and it was super boring, I thought), but then we decided to leave.  Brianne's roommates had left to make a copy of something, so we waited for them for a while.

Background story: Last week, somehow Brianne ended up in the Centro at night by herself and met this weird man, which led to her having a weird and potentially dangerous encounter with drug guy from northern Mexico.  Anyway, so Brianne's roommates grounded her from ever being in the Centro by herself (because she doesn't really know how to get to or from the Centro, also).

So anyway, because of that whole story, we had to wait for her roommates to come back so we could leave the theater. It took them like, an hour! We almost just left because we thought maybe we'd misunderstood something they'd said and they'd gone home instead.  We found out there was a free concert going on in the modern museum, and we went to go check it out, but eventually decided we weren't really in the mood to go. Actually, I was super in the mood to go home... buuuuut we decided to get some ice cream first :) Michelle and Adrienne told me about a place other than Colon in the Centro that had really tasty ice cream and that was cheaper than Colón, so we decided to check it out.  They have grape ice cream at this place! It was super bright purple and the most delicious ice cream ever! I loved it! I got a little cup of chocolate almond and then grape on top, and it was sooo yummy.  And way cheaper than Colón. While eating our ice cream, we walked over to the rest of the group, only to find them playing the saw! It was so awesome!

**So, there's this man who sits on the sidewalk by Colón and plays "Over the Rainbow" and a couple of other songs on the saw. And there's a little boy who hangs out with him. Apparently, someone from the group had asked if they could play it and the man had said yes and then gone to the bathroom or something, because when we got there, the little boy was sitting there occasionally giving help to people who were playing the saw, and we all got to take a turn! I was largely unsuccessful, but it was still really cool!  And waaaaay harder than it looks!  After a while, Adrienne, Michelle and I decided to go home, so they got off the bus at my stop and walked me home so I wouldn't have to go by myself in the dark, which was really nice of them.  And then I went to bed after an awesome night of silent vampire gangs, grape ice cream, and saw music :) Goodnight!


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